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“CREATE” Foundation Announces ‘Center for Professional Futures’ (Toyota Endowment providing main source of funding) Press Release,

PONTOTOC, Miss. (April 22, 2010) — CREATE Foundation and the Toyota Education Endowment Fund Advisory Committee announced plans for an innovative addition to the public school system in the PUL Alliance counties.  The Center for Professional Futures will be an education facility that will expose students in the eight school districts in Pontotoc, Union, and Lee counties to professional careers through high performance teaching and a modern learning environment. Continue reading


Earth Day News

Alabama Charity Network has compiled a list of Earth Day sources for you.

Earth Day Network

How To take action on Earth Day

Washington Post- Earth Day Movement

Business Week- Earth Day now “Mainstream”

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-Shawn Esfahani Jr.

Cyber Scion

Alabama Charity Network

Charity Channel

Charity Channel…. Get connected with local charities Near you


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Link sharing for Charity! Hooray!!!

Sharing Links is as good as donating money these days!

Personal Mobile-Homeless Shelter… really cool

“Design enthusiast, Paul Elkins, develops mobile units, and other small scale vehicles. he previously designed the burning man bicycle camper and his latest development
is a mobile homeless shelter which he designed as part of a competition asking individuals to meet the demands of the rapidly growing homeless society – a kind of substitute for the grocery cart situation. Elkins wanted his design construction to be a simple, light weight, water tight insulated box on wheels, built with an area for displaying and selling handmade wares.”

List of some Charities in the Mobile Area

Mobile Charities